Get a glimpse of how to apply for an Australian student visa

Get a glimpse of how to apply for an Australian student visa

Are you preparing for an English language test by burning the midnight oil? That's correct, each one of you is eyeing for a scholarship to study in Australia.


Meeting the test criteria is one of the essential requirements when it comes to applying for an Australian student visa. Like you, there are thousands of students enrolling in premier universities across the country. All the more it is interesting as the majority of student visa aspirants join premier educational institutions and universities to pursue courses that are part of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) streams.


Why Australia is a preferred study destination?

Often, one has heard about Australia as a perfect destination for many students with their numbers increasing each year. To a large extent, they benefit a lot with these courses part of the diploma, graduation, post-graduation and PhD degree programs.


Different institutions across the country offer several degree programs such as diploma, graduate, postgraduate and PhD. But, other factors play an equally important role.


On the whole, the majority of students visit immigration firms and meet education and immigration experts. A whole lot of issues are taken up by these experts. Among them are student visa formalities. From outside these formalities look simple, but they appear tricky at the core.


Fulfilling visa requirements while applying for student visa Australia

A visa applicant has to be clear in his objective. Before he applies for a student visa, he should meet all criteria of the Department of Home Affairs. The following are the visa requirements.


*Genuine Temporary Entrant

For a student visa grant, a visa applicant has to prove his genuineness. He has to answer all questions put before him by the case officer. The issues include the purpose of the study, how a particular course will help build his future and whether he intends to stay in Australia temporarily. Even the applicant has to answer on the issue of finances. Can he protect his dependents accompanying him? It is also one of the main questions he has to answer.


Immigration history is also among the GTE questions. As part of the GTE requirement, the applicant has to attend an interview at the nearest Australian consulate or embassy. However, some applicants will have to fill a visa application form.


*English language proficiency

The higher the score in PTE or IELTS examination, the higher are your chances to secure Permanent Residency to Australia. These details are part of the requirements. It is important to mention them in your visa application form as the country administration recognizes these tests. As English is spoken widely in the country, a visa applicant needs to be familiar with the language. For which, these tests are essential.


Overall, the language proficiency test results pertain to whether a visa applicant is starting a full degree, foundation course, or if he is enrolling in ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students).


*Financial requirements

Travel, tuition, and living costs are part of your application details. Provide evidence that you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family members visiting you in Australia. If the details you provide to the authority are as per the country's standards and cost of living, you benefit to a large extent. Be specific and transparent. Every correct detail can enable you to receive a student visa on time.


*Health & character requirements

A radiological or medical test is the need of the hour for international students who wish to study in Australia and pursue their careers as nurses, doctors or dentists. Take an appointment with the doctor who is certified by the immigration department of Australia. The test is part of the health requirement.


The same applies to those individuals meeting character requirement. You should possess a good character that includes a police statement. Ensure you do not have any criminal record. You must fill details within the CSDF (Character Statutory Declaration Form).


Think again! For a moment, it is all about courses, institutions and degree programs.


List of Student Visa Documents

As far as the list of student visa documents is concerned, you can follow Australia DHA (Department of Home Affairs) website wherein you find a document checklist. The list includes—

  • Student visa application form
  • Pay AUD 620 as part of visa application fee
  • Passport details of a visa applicant
  • COE (Certificate of Enrolment) or LoO (Letter of Offer)
  • Proof of finances
  • Health insurance cover proof
  • English language proficiency examination results
  • Character records
  • Passport-size snaps


If you have any documents, attest them with the above details. So much so, there is no age limit if you want to apply for a student visa in Australia. But if you are under 18, special conditions apply.


Good news for those applicants on a student visa is that they can work for 40 hours every fortnight. There are part-time jobs also in demand for the majority of international students. Undoubtedly, these jobs are rewarding as they offer the highest minimum wages. At the same time, you can also opt for volunteering in a country that is a rewarding experience for you in your spare time.



Last but not least, it is Australia student visa consultants who stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Be it courses, institutions, degree programs, universities, visa counselling etc. If you are looking for specific information on these issues, feel free to speak to them directly.

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